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Since the beginning, through its network of riders, COMMENCAL has very much been involved in competition. Using cutting-edge technologies for performance is a kid’s dream! Whatever the race, time is normally the main issue and for this, nothing must be left to chance.

Recently, wheel size has become an additional parameter to consider when adapting a bike to the rider. 27.5’’ or 29’’, it’s up to you. We offer the SUPREME DH in both wheel sizes as we believe this choice is in uflenced by the rider’s size, riding style and preferences. In fact the 2017 World Cup season demonstrated exactly that.

Our 29er frame has been specifically designed for 29’’ wheels and has been tested throughout the season by our World Cup riders. Amaury Pierron’s run at Val Di Sole showed us that we were on the right track and the frame is now ready to be marketed.

Work has been done so that the chassis provides even more grip and rolls over anything in its path without losing speed, obviously thanks to the large wheels but also to our HPP system and the related geometry. It’s a bike that finds it easy to make up speed in rough areas all with unparalleled stability. It’s trademark: speed.

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