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"I remember the day we went to climb the summer slopes of Bonascre ski resort in the French Pyrenees with two BMX champions. It was July 1984. I asked them to roll down the piste on their BMX bikes. No strict guidelines, just a few short, exhilarating runs. I knew that day that there would be riding at ski resorts in the future and that there would be bikes that would be capable of doing so. It was a milestone for both the resorts and bike riders. Since then I have not stopped building, helping, travelling the world and getting involved in any way to help enable Downhill to become a sport that is recognised.”

Downhill, a sport reserved for grown-ups? Teenagers? Surely not… At COMMENCAL, we have decided to offer the best for the kids. The hardest bit is designing the frames but that is what we know how to do! We live in the mountains and have no shortage of children and/or champions around to develop the best geometry. Harder still was finding, manufacturing and/or finding a supplier for the components for the frame; suitable suspension, wheels, tyres, cockpit... And after years of work, here’s the result! COMMENCAL became the must-have brand when it comes to kids who ride. From 20-inches (for children aged 5 or 6 years old) up to the ‘Junior’ model, the range is complete and the kids, parents and all those who see downhill as a beautiful sport for all to share simply love it.
Our objective with the FURIOUS DH platform was to create a sleek bike that has the ability to smash times thanks to its dynamism, whilst also putting a smile on freeriders faces. The FURIOUS is crammed with technology drawn from all previous frames developed at COMMENCAL, every detail has been refined - kinematics, geometry and the frame construction.

We recommend that you read the whole document. It’s exciting!
It won World Cups and numerous different races. OK, like other bikes you say. But the DH V3 is not the same as the others. It’s build is simple yet robust, it has a geometry which is so natural that downhill becomes an easy game, it’s the ideal framework for all variations and combinations of choices of builds and desires. You can ask anything from it, inflicting the worst treatment, it will always be there, faithful and ready to serve. Endearing, that's the word. I love my V3!
"There you go, a beautiful history! Having a bike that is quicker downhill is one thing but one that is also easy, comfortable and secure is another… So when your engineer and friend offers a crazy solution (yet oh so logical to the point of being obvious) what do you do? Build a prototype and test it of course! The DH V4 began a career that cemented its place in history. You must try it at all costs before your next purchase, otherwise you’ll be terribly sorry.”

We introduce the new SUPREME DH V4.2. But why the .2? Well, the SUPREME must always evolve in order to be at the cutting edge of performance! The main changes we’ve made are to the Contact System and the geometry. The first has been completely redesigned and it is now stiffer, lighter and more comfortable. All with a nod towards improved overall performance. As for the geometry, with DH constantly progressing, we knew it was important to extend the SUPREME DH V4.2 in order to improve stability and maximise grip.

We recommend that you read the whole document. It’s exciting!